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Braids and More has merged the African and American culture of hair styling through braiding, locks, treebraids, twist and many other hair styles. The U.S Military recognizes the significance of textured hair and embraces these styles as professional enough for the average soldier to wear daily with their uniform. When done professionally, braids can look very elegant. At Braids & More we pride ourselves on providing the best specialty hair as possible to match your daily lifestyle.

Braids & More” hair salon welcomes the U.S Military located at Camp Arifjan, in Kuwait. Braids & More, was created solely for the purpose of providing essential ethnic beauty services to the U.S Military in the middle-east. B&M offers major conveniences to the average soldier without sacrificing style or elegance. The current climate conditions in the middleast warrants additional care to our textured hair customers. Preservation and hair growth is our primary focus. Braids can provide an immediate solution of convenience, most often will stimulate growth, and provide maintenance.

With over 5 African countries servicing our clients quality and efficiency are a given. Even though our specialty is Braids, Relaxers, natural styles and hair services are performed as well.

Performing services on all textures of hair is our pleasure. In our commitment to exclusively serve soldiers and civilians in the middle-east, we bring an amazing selection of styles featuring the most popular. Stylists will be ready to meet the precise needs of clients by providing a variety of services to in deep treatments, relaxers weaves and and a variety of hair sttlyes for natural and relaxed hair.
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